Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moroccan Tadelak

Moroccan craft : Pottery
Born from the ground and worked by craftsmen, the Moroccan pottery was always characterized by its modesty, its sobriety and its utility function. The simplicity of the lines, the know-how and the originality of the forms testify to this ancestral creativity which always travelled in time to resist obliteration

The tadelak was used at the origin in Morocco in the water parts like Hammam because of its properties of sealing.
It is an Eastern technique with the lime (of the area of Marrakech) mixed and mixed with natural pigments.
This coating "is patiently cherished" with a roller of river then massed with soap noi Tadelakt is essential today like a major actor in top-of-the-range decoration. Entirely natural, combining brightness and depth, Tadelakt can marry, like any other coated, visual richness and softness with touched.
Tadelakt pottery
It acts at the base of a rough pottery to which the tadelaktor will apply his coating After polishing with the roller, the tadelakt will bring color and softness to the pottery. The potteries coated in tadelakt before very decorative and are thus intended to embellish your interior.  

abajour en tadelakt lamp tadelakt d'artisanat marocain Parget of lime coloured, waxed and smoothed with the soft soap, the tadelakt marrakchi is used to build the body of this splendid lamp, decorated of a plank dug style arabesque and finely worked.
Height (without the slaughtering day) = 50 cm. Cut frise= 10 cm
jarre tadelakt artisanaljarre tadelakt
Earthenware jar entirely covered of tadelakt, painting containing lime of marrakech
Dimension h. 1,35/diam. 50 cm

plat de tadelakt DISH in tadelakt of origin of Marrakech. It is entirely manufactured with the hand by the Moroccan craftsmen

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